Pei Fang

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                                   Ch Rhytzo Dressed in Blue               Ch Bastian

  Ch Mi-Pao's JW Chieftain                                                               
Ch Marco II Sung
                     (imp Can)

                                                                                                                      Ch Lai-Troll's Orintle Takaya

Ch Pei Fang's Moving Revelation

                                  Ch Pei Fang's Walk o'Fame
                                              & Ch Pei Fang's Cinnamon Janine

Ch Pei Fang Millennium
                                                                                                          &  Pei Fang Against All Odds

  Pei Fang JW Lady Bear

                                                                        Ch Jowtrix Red Magnum (Imp UK)

Ch Pei Fang Silver Lucas

Ch Pei Fang Red Hot Simson                        Ch Pei Fang Magnum Son
                                                        & Pei Fang Fight the Future

                                                                                             Pei Fang I'm Rolex

                                                                                                                                 Jowtrix Creme
                                                                                                                                  Carmina (imp UK)
        Ch Pei Fang No Name
Ch Pei Fang Creme Noddi

  Bon Triumph Magic Multi Music (imp Rus)

                    Pei Fang Face the Music                                           Ch Pei Fang Creme de la Creme
Pei Fang Fight the Past                                            & Ch Pei Fang Moody Blue


...and some of the last generations!

From left: Pei Fang Fight the Past (2007), Pei Fang Face the Music (2007), Pei Fang Skywalker (2008), Pei Fang Red Roody (2007),
Pei Fang Jackpot (2008), Pei Fang Kiss from a Rose (2008), Pei Fang on Fire (2008), Pei Fang Special Edition (2008), Pei Fang Eyecather (2008)

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