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Chow Chow originated from China, where it is called songshi quan, which translated means refurbished lion-dog. The breed has also been called tong quan, Tang Dynasty-dog. Dog Breed is perhaps best known for his blue tongue.

It is a very old breed that was originally bred as guard and hunting dog. It has estimated that the aboriginal tribes from Mongolia. The Chinese claim to have found references to race as far back as the 11th century BC, described in line with the dog we know today (including the blue tongue). It is also known that both the Mongols, Huns and Tartars used these dogs during their many wars. A scientific study published in Science
on 21 May 2004 now supports clear that Chow Chow belongs to our oldest dog breeds, including an origin in ancient times or earlier. It is also one of the breeds that are closest related to wolves, among other things with which urhundtyper Shiba inu, akita and Basenji. The breed is moreover closely related with shar pei, probably as a progenitor.

As the dog was breed pure bred anything before it came to the West. The first we hear of the breed in Europe stems from 1887 when the Earl of Lonsdale began to breed. In 1780, however, a couple with Chow Chow described by Gilbert White in his Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne. They were apparently brought there from Canton in China. Only the type of changes have taken place after this. Today's Chow-Chow then also something more powerful and more compact than the first copies that came to the West.
We often say that the breed originated in China, but as the breed's homeland, we refer to England. That's because the race was his standard there.

Chow chow is a powerful, compact dog. Square in the body, with heavy substance and bone. Large head with wide, flat skalletak, powerful muzzle and unmarked stop. Just across the line and short back. Tail should be carried forward back with high tail attachment. The hair should be rich and powerful have the undercoat and topcoat that stands out from the body. The head has the lion mane. The tongue will be blue, and pigmentation of the mouth and the lips should be black, it will be dark, almond-shaped eyes and black nose. The hair will be colored red, black, blue, fawn or cream. Brighter shades permitted, but not spots of different color. The breed is demanding coat that requires daily maintenance with both the comb and brush. Expect a lot of grooming!

Today the breed is first and foremost an excellent family dog, even though guarding the properties are still there. Will the people to the farm, the coughing often in his characteristic way to warn. Chow Chow is also a popular dog to look at the exhibition. Remember; when there is something it will not, it lay right down wherever it is.

It has very thick fur and therefore well withstands our cold climate, but it is hardly the best pack and pulls the dog you can imagine because of that. Yet it may well be used.

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