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Rough-haired Dachs is a small hunting dog with short legs. They hunt for roe, badger and fox depending
on what part of the country you live in, and your surroundings. This breed also come in 2 other coat
variant; Short hair and long hair. It also come in three different sizes.

In the recent years breeders has taken more consideration to temper, and the breed today is also
a fine family pet, additionally to being a good hunter. When the badger is out of its pit, the road to the
coach isn't very far. This is a truly sporty breed, suitable for both pet and hunting.

Dachs is a German breed, and this makes importing new blood easy. The hunting skills of Norwegian
and Swedish dogs are probably better than that for dogs in Europe, due to the better hunting
opportunities here, compared to other countries.

Picking a puppy isn't easy, but be even more careful when you pick among hunting breeds.
Unfortunately some breeders only breed for hunting skills, and forget that you should live with the
dog even the rest of the year...

Puppies from hunting breeds needs the same socialization as any other breed. So to get a good
impression, go to the breeder, meet the mother, and check out the living conditions of the litter.

All of our litters are kept inside the house. In this way they learn to behave indoors, and they meet a
lot of visitors. We wouldn't breed a bitch that wont allow people to look at her puppies.

Rough haired Dachs is a nice family pet all year, but when it gets off leash, it's a hunter. You should
never forget this. And this is why you have to train the puppy from the day you bring it home. You
specially need to focus on the command "Come".

My experience is that the Dachs is quiet all day, but if it gets to chase a cat up a three, it will sit below
and bark at the cat. This is the only time we hear our Dachs...

Pei Fang

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