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The English Setter is a British standing bird hunting dog. It's supposed to run free in the ground and point out the birds to the hunter. It shall stand until the hunter gets along and give the command to rise the bird so the hunter can take a shoot.

After the shot, on command, the dog shall collect the bird and return it to the hunter. In this way even wounded birds will be found, this makes the hunt more human.

The English Setter is a gentle and companionable breed that is also suitable as a family pet. Even in this breed, the mental of the breeding stock is important. It has to cope with necessary training to become satisfactory family & hunting dogs. Training is especially important to a breed that is supposed to retrieve its prey. With a correct trained dog, you will have many wonderful days hunting in the mountain.

This breed has few health problems. A few years back, there was a problem with brain shrinking, but the breeders and the breed club took the problem seriously, and today this is a rear disease. The occurrence of HD is stable and not a big problem. We got a good view of the breed due to long checking for HD. You can never give any guaranties, since there's not only inheritance that causes HD, but also environment.

The English setter comes in three colours; Red&white, Black&white and Tricolour. Most breeding stock has hunting merits, a serious breeder will not breed a dog that hasn't been tested at hunting and been judged at show.

I really recommend this breed to all of you who wants a good and stable hunter.

Pei Fang

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