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IN 2013!

SUCH Wenchow Takaya My-Ang and NUCH White Mansion Sir Winston

Picture taken at a dog show in 1979, and theese two was the parents of our first chow-litter.
Nordic UCH Pei Fang Don Sebastian, owner Egil Tyriberget, was one of puppies, and Pei Fang Cinnamon Dominique, was another one, and they are actually in the pedigree of our dogs also today.

This was the beginning of 35 years of joy and happiness,
and we are now expecting an anniversary chow-litter! 

Brynjar and Marianne have bred number of Champions and they have turned out to be scandinavian leading breeder with the most winning Chow Chows in Denmark, Sweden and the most winning bitch in Norway more than one time.


Born in 1960, and got her first dog, a Collie, when she was 12 years old. She had to wait a bit longer to be addicted to Chows, and she came into breeding in 1978 with a bitch called Wenchow Takaya My-Yang, out of a Mi-Pao bitch. Marianne confessed it all started with her deep interest for the Mi-Pao breedlines. She had several ones in her breeder's career - people will remember Can Ch Mi-Pao J W Chieftain or Mi-Pao's Black Exposure, a black bitch who can be found in lots of pedigrees in Europe.

She is known as a breeder and exhibitors, Marianne has bred some famous Chows, among them the top winning bitch Int Nord Fin Dk Norw Swed Ch Pei Fang Fight the Future. She also exported very well-known Chows not only in Scandinavia but also in the UK, France and even down under in Australia.

Marianne registered her first litter in 1980 and she then started to show and breed Chows as well other breeds. Her first big Champion was International/Nordic Ch Pei Fang Moving Revelation, who helped Vivi-Ann Nordal's Norw/Swed Ch Pei Fang Millennium, with a full norwegian pedigree. This bitch can still be found to day in 3 or 4 generation Pei Fang pedigrees.
From Moving Revelation Marianne kept a bitch and she would mate her to her UK import, a very special dog to Marianne. In 2000 she imported the famous Crufts winner Uk Ch Jowtrix Red Magnum as well as his granddaughter Jowtrix Creme Carmina.

By Magnum out of Moving revelation's daughter, Marianne kept Nor Swe Ch Pei Fang Magnum Son, a quite important stud dog in her breeding programme. Needless to mention the other Magnum offspring who gained their titles in due course, including the bitch Fight the Future (Top winning bitch in Norway)

Since her first steps in the breed Marianne has always had a deep interest in Canadian lines, and in the early 2000's she let her blue bitch Norw Ch Rhtyzo Dressed in Blue go to Canada with Paul & Minnie Odenkirchen, from the famous Mi-Pao kennels before having in return a red dog that Paul had made up in his country, by the name of Can Ch Mi-Pao's J W Chieftain. This dog is the grandfather of Marianne and Brynjar's N Ch Pei Fang No Name and also Pei Fang Johnny Walker of Shergay - a red dog exported to Wyndham and Lillian Thomas in the UK, from the famous Shergay kennels. He can be found in numbers of pedigrees in the UK, siring all colours including cream and blue. Marianne exported some other Chows who have been used a lot in their countries, such as N S Ch Pei Fang Creme Noddi, owned by Christelle & Alain Chahine in France, and many more in the Nordic countries.

Now Marianne and Brynjar are very proud to be breeding 3 litters born same month (oct. 2008). This small event at Pei Fang home was a real pleasure for the Holmli's and they're hoping that the pups gone to Australia, Denmark, Russia, Sweden and of course Norway will do as well as their ancestors!


Brynjar was born in 1949 and is into English Setters for now more than 40 years. He started with Norwegian Buhund he had when he was a kid and then only bred one litter of Setters in his 30 first years of breeding. He has always preferred to focus on various activities with his dogs than breeding litters, mainly triels and hunting. One of his best dog was known as Blåmyras Chako, nr 5 in the Norwegian Derby. He also had several placements in Winners class and 2 of his puppies turned out to win the Kings cup.

Chako's son, Skillevatnets Charli, is a Norwegian & Swedish hunting champion and an exteriour Champion of Sweden. He also was nr 5 in the National Championship and achieved over 20 placements in the Winners class. Charli is the father of Pei Fang White Lady, dam of Pei Fang Førti.

Brynjar is also for now more than 18 years a trial Judge and have officiated many times. He is trying now to concentrate on Elkhounds and their trials. He has passed the training scheme to judge game trials and trail trials so hopefully will judge these trials shortly.

Brynjar has got his first Elkhound in 1995, a bitch who was to be the National Champion in 1998. Brynjar kept 2 of her daughters to build on.

Pei Fang

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