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Puppies born 24/09/13 after  

One of the puppies 5 days old

DACHS wirehair
Puppies expected in october:
Dam: Pei Fang Hutte-Tu
Sir: Estestoms Conrad
(He's after N.J.(D) Ch Gravabekkesn MC-Facit x Nord.J.Ch.(D) Torstorps Celeste)

The puppies after 
Shagio Shen Rossy At Pei Fang and
NO JW-2011 Pei Fang She Is Born With It
will be 5 weeks 15/05/13

2 dogs and 2 bitches born Jan 17th. 2013              

Sir: Mu-Ti-La's Private Practice

(N S Dk Fin Ir Lux Cr Slo NORD uch
Bundesiger-2009 EUW-09-10 FW-09
NW-09 EUjW-08 NORDW-09 NORDjW-08
CR jCH  ESTCHINTCH (FCI)LVCH Tangetoppen's Obelix-Tangetoppen's X-it Only for Champions)

Dam: Pugbully Daylight Energy

(Multi Ch Del Sur Andalusí Daylight Robbery-
Pugbully Unplugged Blues)


Wirehair Dachs
Puppies, one dog and one bitch born in october 2012, after

N J(D)CH Eikskogen's Chiko
(N MDD-03 N J(D)CH Gravabekkens's MS-Hall og
Virdaskogens Hedda)

INT N SE UCH Pei Fang T-Frida
(N UCH Herman Hedning og
N S UCH N J(D)CH N VCH Pei Fang Trine)

Two puppies born in june 20th. after

Mu-Ti-La's Private Practice

"Gustav" has several CAC in shows.

Pugbully A-HA

"Izzy" has six CAC, and one CACIB in shows.

Norwegian Elkhound Grey
Puppies born in january from

Sir: Int.Uch Nord.Uch N.Uch SE.Uch
DK.Uch DKV-10 DKKV-10
Norwegian Hunting(L)Champion Sweedish
Hunting(L)Champion Finnish Hunting(L)Champion
Kolbyjagets Miro

Dam: SV-06 ESTJV-05 ESTV-05 VV-06 N UCH
     Pei Fang Oda



Puppies expected from

Sir: NO.J.CH NO.UCH Limingruets Hi-Troll

Dam: NO.UCH. SE.UCH. Pei Fang Førti


Norwegian Elkhound

Puppies born 27/08/2011


Sir: Int.Uch Nord.Uch N.Uch SE.Uch DK.Uch DKV-10 DKKV-10 Norwegian Hunting(L)Champion
Sweedish Hunting(L)Champion
 Kolbyjagets Miro     

Dam: N H(L)CH S H(L)CH F H(L)CH Nordic H(L)CH
Nr. 4 and best bitch at Norwegian Championship 2010
Pei Fang Zena          


Wirehair Dachshound

Puppies born 02/09/2011

One of this is already named Pei Fang Live
and will stay with us.   

       Sir: Norwegian Huntingchampion (D)                                  Dam:N.Uch SE.Uch                  

           Hjelmskogens Ode                                       Norwegian Huntingchampion (D)
                                                                              Norwegian Bloodtrackingchampion 
                                                                                           Pei Fang Trine

Chow Chow

Litters expected from

Sir: N.Uch Pei Fang Skywalker                                                                                          
                                                                    Dam: Int.Uch Nord.Uch PL.Uch NV-06 FINV-07
                                                                                              Pei Fang Creme De La Creme

Chow Chow

Litters expected from the combinations


                       Sir: N UCH Pei Fang Skywalker                 Dam: Lai-Troll's No Mercy                                             



Sir: Lai-Troll's Lai                        and               Dam: CH. Pei Fang Face The Mucic


Standard Wire Dachs
Born 03/10/2010


Sire : Gravmand Loke
Dam : Pei Fang Hutte-Tu

Puppies: 6

Standard Wire Dachs
Born 14/10/2010


Sire : Prestemoens Jonsok
Dam : Ch Pei Fang Trine

Puppies: 6

Pei Fang Ship' Shape




Chow Chow
Born 25/10/2008


Sire : Bon Triumph Magic Multi Music
Dam : Ch Pei Fang Creme de la Creme

Pei Fang Absolute Music (red dog)
Pei Fang Eyecather (cream bitch)
Pei Fang Penny Lane at Sherae (red bitch)


Chow Chow
Born 13/10/2008


Sire : Ch Pei Fang Magnum Son
Dam : Pei Fang Face the Music

Pei Fang Creme Reminder (cream dog)
Pei Fang Ronja Røverdatter (red bitch)
Pei Fang Special Edition (red dog)
Pei Fang Red is Wilder (red bitch)


Chow Chow
Born 10/10/2008


Sire : Bon Triumph Magic Multi Music
Dam : Ch Pei Fang Fight the Future

Pei Fang Jackpot (cream dog)
Pei Fang on Stage (cream dog)
Pei Fang So What (red dog)
Pei Fang on Fire (red bitch)


Chow Chow
Born 10/02/2008


Sire : Bon Triumph Magic Multi Music
Dam : Mi-Pao's Black Exposure

Pei Fang Kiss from a Rose (cream bitch)
Pei Fang Skywalker (black dog)

Pei Fang

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