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22/09/2013 New results

08/09/2013 New results

07/09/2013 New results

31/08/2013 New results

12/08/2013 New results here and puppies news here

12/05/2013 Picture of Chow Chow puppies here

10/05/2013 New showresults here

Kennel Pei Fang celebrates 35 years as a breeder - here

08/03/2013 New showresult here


Planing litter: Wirehair dachs and English setter - here

Puppies born, pug, updatet

We are so proud!! English Setter of the year Hunting 2012 is N.J (K) Ch PEI FANG BIRK.
CONGRATULATIONS to owner Skjalg Liljedal!!

Pei Fang Miss Isobel (Pug) and Incipit True Gem (Chow) in the snow

Kennel Pei Fang got some nice prices for our dachshound-breed last year


Multiwinner Multichampion PEI FANG EYECATCHER. Owner Mette Maj

04/11/2012 New result here

20/10/2012 New result here

08/10/2012 Puppies, wirehair dachs, born

15/09/2012 Dachs puppies expected. See more here

10/09/2012 New result here

02/07/2012 New result here

23/06/2012 New result here

Dachs wirehair standard: N UCH SE UCH Pei Fang T-Frida got her confirmation from FCI to day
 Owner: Anne Kari Ravlo. Not many wirehair has completed this! CONGRATULATIONS!!

10/06/2012 New results here

20/05/2012 New results here

28/04/2012 New results here

17/04/2012 Pug puppies expected. See more here

25/03/2012 New results here

20/03/2012 Our new boy is growing!! SHAGIO-SHEN ROSSY AT PEI FANG 5 month


18/03/2012 Updatet results here

04/03/2012 Updated results here

A warm welcome to our new future star....SHAGIO-SHEN ROSSY AT PEI FANG
Thank you so much Eva for this stunning and friendly little guy!!!

16/01/12 Puppies born; Norwegian Elkhound Grey. See more here

12/12/2011 You will see him in the ring in 2012!!!


04/12/2011 Have BIG NEWS comming in january!!!

27/11/2011 Norwegian Winnershow, Lillestrm, Norway - results here

In Denmark: Int.Ch. PEI FANG EYECATHER became DANISH WINNER2011 and BEST OF BREED in Herning to day! Two days with BOB for Nynne and Eyecatcher. Congratulatons!!

In France: Ch. PEI FANG SUPER SUE became BEST BITCH and CACIB today! Well done to Anna and Jrn from Norway. Congratulatons!!

In Norway: PEI FANG HUTTE-TU got a 1. price on a hunting test today. We are so proud!!

In Denmark: DKK's Internationa dogshow, Herning: Int.Ch. PEI FANG EYECATCHER became BEST OF BREED and BEST IN GROUP 4, well done Mette!!

05/09/2011 Puppies picture from elkhound and dachs. See here

Our Chow Chow Incipit Yippee became Norwegian Champion this weekend. It was here third show. Congratulations to the breeder Stella Srlie. Yippee will be back with us after having a litter.

Wirehair Dachs-puppies after Norwegian Hunting(D)CHHjelmeskogens Ode and N.UCH SE.UCH Norwegian Hunting(D)CH Norwegian Hunting(V)CH Pei Fang Trine born today!

Elkhound-puppies after Int.Nord.Ch. N.J.(L)CH. S.J.(L).Ch. Kolbyjagets Miro and NORD.J.(L).CH. PEI FANG ZENA born 27/08/2011.

28/08/2011 Updated results here

22/08/2011 Updated results here

24/07/2011 Updates Our English setters and Our Pugs

Wirehair dachs Pei Fang Ship'Shape, "Lucas", got the 2. price on a blood tracking field-test today, only 9 months and 9 days old!! Good boy!!! Congratulation!




"Love is in the air."
Puppiesare expectedfor theselovebirds!! More here

08-09-10/07/2011 Result from Paris, France

This is wirehair dachs Hjelmskogens Ode. Our bitch Pei Fang Trine is mated with him. See the picture, can you belive it - he is 10 years old!!! See more here

02/07/2011 New resultshere

Litters expected
from Chow Chow, Norwegian Elkhound and Wirehair Dachs. See more here

Good news from Wales; Pei Fang Johnny Walker, 11 years old and still going strong!!

12/06/2011 New resulthere

29/05/2011 New results here

09/05/2011 New results here

01/05/2011 New results here

Dachs Wirehair Puppyshow:
Great debut; Pei Fang Ship'Shape (Lucas). Age 6 months, at Sunndalsra May 1th.(BOS-puppy)

24/04/2011 Updated Picture and Our Pugs

10/04/2011 New results here

20/03/2011 New results here

17/03/2011 New future hope:Pei Fang Ziva


13/03/2011 New show results here

06/03/2011 New show resultshere

And we wish Pugbully A-Ha "Izzy" and Mu-Ti-La's Private Practise "Gustav" welcome to Kennel Pei Fang


Updatet 04/03/2011 "Beauty and the beast" - We love them!!
Pei Fang She Is Born With It & Pugbully A-Ha

Future Pei Fang hopes:

Pei Fang Nora

Pei Fang She is born with it


Congratulations to Pei Fang Kita, and owners, with superb showresults in 2010.
he's got several CAC and became  BEST IN SHOW at the exhibition 13.02.10 in Sweden, in addition to stray wandering test.

18/8/2010 New show results here !

2/7/2010 New show results here !

2/7/2010 New picture of Pei Fang Absolute Music (own M Nilsson)

Pei Fang

25/4/2010 We wish to welcome GB Ch Kanix Oscar

Pei Fang

20/4/2010 Ch Pei Fang Jackpot

Pei Fang

10/4/2010 New show results here !

25/3/2010 New show results here !

25/3/2010 Pei Fang Rasmus (Wirehair Dachs) is now Norwegian Champion

25/3/2010 Pei Fang Skywalker is now Norwegian Champion

9/3/2010 Pei Fang Super Sue is now Norwegian Champion. Congratulation to Anna and Jrn Wangberg, Norway

9/3/2010 New show results here !

8/3/2010 We are so proud of our bitch N.J.Ch. SF.J.Ch. S.J.Ch. Pei Fang Zena!! She is now Nordic Champion

Pei Fang

16/12/2009 New show results here !

3/12/2009 Puppy news here !

3/12/2009 New show results here !

1/11/2009 New show results here !

9/10/20092 BOB FOR PEI FANG AT THE WORLD DOG SHOW !!! And guess who are the proud winners... ? More HERE !

9/10/2009 New show results here !

30/9/2009 New show results here !

10/9/2009 New show results here !

3/9/2009 NordV-07 NordJV-07 Pei Fang Mona Lisa is now Norwegian Champion ! Congratulations to Unn Rimstad

31/8/2009 Puppy news here !

30/8/2009 New show results here !

18/8/2009 Norwegian Elkhound grey: Pei Fang F-F Fenni got a very good 1. prize on a fieldtest. Congratulations to the owner!!

18/8/2009 New show results here !

8/7/2009 New show results here !

20/6/2009 New show results here !

6/6/2009 New show results here !

4/6/2009 New show results here !

8/5/2009 New show results here !

Pei Fang Utah and his owner Trine

Pei Fang

Pei Fang Eyecather

Pei Fang

Tangetoppens Yukon
Pei Fang

25/4/2009 New show results here !

1/4/2009 Our new website is now online !

22/3/2009 New show results here !

1/3/2009 Good news!

Pei Fang Skywalker: You will see him in the ring in 2009 !!

Pei Fang

Pei Fang

20/2/2009 New pictures !

Pei Fang I'm Rolex : New pictures of him below

Pei Fang

Pei Fang

1/3/2009 He has flown in Russia

Pei Fang Jackpot : We wish his owner Marina good luck with him !

Pei Fang

1/3/2009 He has arrived in Denmark

Pei Fang Eyecather : We wish her owner Mette Maj good luck with her !

Pei Fang

1/3/2009 He has arrived in Sweden

Pei Fang Absolute Music : We wish his owner Margaretha Nilsson good luck with him !

Pei Fang

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